1000+ Highway Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The instrument used to study spot speed in traffic engineering is

(A) Enometer

(B) Enoscope

(C) Speed recorder

(D) Speedometer

Ans: B


Question: 2

Which one of the following is not a informatory sign?

(A) Name of destination

(B) Name of road

(C) Speed limit

(D) Cross road ahead

Ans: D

Cross road ahead

Question: 3

Warning signs are on plates of _____ shape.

(A) Circular

(B) Rectangular

(C) Diamond

(D) Square

Ans: B


Question: 4

Mostly used road in India is

(A) Concrete road

(B) Black top road

(C) WBM road

(D) Earthen road

Ans: D

Earthen road

Question: 5

From CBR chart recommended by IRC thickness obtained is

(A) Including wearing coat and 20 mm aggregates courses

(B) Including wearing coat but excluding 20 mm aggregate coat

(C) Excluding wearing coat but including 20 mm aggregate course

(D) Excluding wearing coat and 20 mm aggregate courses

Ans: D

Excluding wearing coat and 20 mm aggregate courses

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