1000+ Fluid Mechanics Objective Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Kinematic viscosity is equal to

(A) dynamic viscosity/density

(B) dynamic viscosity/pressure

(C) dynamic viscosity x pressure

(D) dynamic viscosity x density

Ans: A

dynamic viscosity/density

Question: 2

A floating vessel has better stability if its sides.

(A) straighten upward

(B) convert upward

(C) diverge upward

(D) both b and c

Ans: C

diverge upward

Question: 3

The fundamental transport phenomenon associated with the motion of fluid

(A) momentum transport

(B) is heat transport

(C) is mass transport

(D) all the above

Ans: D

all the above

Question: 4

The region within which the effect of viscosity is confined is known as

(A) free layer

(B) boundary layer

(C) stagnation layer

(D) cavitation

Ans: B

boundary layer

Question: 5

Pascal second is the unit of

(A) surface tension

(B) dynamic viscosity

(C) pressure

(D) kinematic viscosity

Ans: B

dynamic viscosity

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