1000+ Civil Engineering MCQ on Irrigation Engineering - 1

Question: 1

The storage created by construction of low earthen bunds, is known as a

(A) tank

(B) reservoir

(C) lake

(D) river

Ans: A


Question: 2

The value of Sodium Absorption Ratio for high sodium water lies between

(A) 0 to 10

(B) 10 to 18

(C) 12 to 18

(D) 18 to 26

Ans: D

18 to 26

Question: 3

Hydrograph is the graphical representation of

(A) surface runoff and time

(B) runoff and time

(C) rainfall and time

(D) ground waterflow and time

Ans: B

runoff and time

Question: 4

In a canal system the order in which water flows is

(A) Branch canal minor – distributary – field channels

(B) Branch canal – minor – field channel – distributary

(C) Branch canal – field canal – distributary – minor

(D) Branch canal – distributary – minor- field channels

Ans: D

Branch canal – distributary – minor- field channels

Question: 5

The loss of head unit length of creep is called

(A) Percolation coefficient

(B) Lane's coefficient

(C) Bligh’s coefficient

(D) Coefficient of creep

Ans: A

Percolation coefficient

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