1000+ Illumination MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Fine diameter tungsten wires are made by

(A) wire drawing

(B) compressing

(C) turning

(D) swaging

Ans: A

wire drawing

Question: 2

In the fluorescent tube circuit the function of choke is primarily to

(A) reduce the starting current

(B) initiate the arc and stabilize it

(C) minimise the starting surge

(D) reduce the flicker

Ans: B

initiate the arc and stabilize it

Question: 3

The flicker effect of fluorescent lamps is more pronounced at

(A) higher voltages

(B) lower voltages

(C) higher frequencies

(D) lower frequencies

Ans: D

lower frequencies

Question: 4

The vapour discharge tube used for domestic lighting has

(A) one filament

(B) two filaments

(C) three filaments

(D) no filament

Ans: B

two filaments

Question: 5

Reflectors are provided with slits at the top of

(A) reduce heating effect

(B) introduce chimney effect for cleaning

(C) reduce colour contrast

(D) do all of the above functions

Ans: D

do all of the above functions

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