1000+ Magnetism & Electromagnetism MCQ Questions & Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following is a vector quantity?

(A) magnetic potential

(B) flux density

(C) magnetic field intensity

(D) relative permeability

Ans: C

magnetic field intensity

Question: 2

The force between two long parallel conductors is inversely proportional to

(A) distance between the conductors

(B) product of current in two conductors

(C) current in one conductor

(D) radius of conductors

Ans: A

distance between the conductors

Question: 3

Substances which have permeability less than the permeability of free space are known as

(A) bipolar

(B) diamagnetic

(C) paramagnetic

(D) ferromagnetic

Ans: B


Question: 4

Ferrites are a sub group of

(A) ferri-magnetic materials

(B) paramagnetic materials

(C) ferro-magnetic materials

(D) non magnetic materials

Ans: A

ferri-magnetic materials

Question: 5

The magnetism left in the iron after exciting field has been removed is known as

(A) reluctance

(B) susceptance

(C) residual magnetism

(D) permeance

Ans: C

residual magnetism

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