1000+ Mechanical Engineering Viva Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following motors has high starting torque?

(A) Synchronous motor

(B) Induction motor

(C) DC series motor

(D) DC shunt motor

Ans: C

DC series motor

Question: 2

Gale is a wind that moves at velocity of more than

(A) 20 kmph

(B) 30 kmph

(C) 50 kmph

(D) 60 kmph

Ans: C

50 kmph

Question: 3

The purpose of using a choke in series with the tube in a fluorescent lamb circuit is to

(A) reduce power factor

(B) limit current to a proper value

(C) prevent sparking

(D) increase striking voltage

Ans: B

limit current to a proper value

Question: 4

An electrolytic capacitor is generally made to provide

(A) large value of capacitance

(B) low capacitance

(C) fixed capacitance

(D) variable capacitance

Ans: A

large value of capacitance

Question: 5

A rod of mild steel kept inside a coil carrying high frequency current gets heated due to

(A) dielectric heating

(B) induction heating

(C) radiation heating

(D) convecting heating

Ans: B

induction heating

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