Measurements and Instrumentation Quiz Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Horizontally mounted moving iron instruments use

(A) eddy current damping

(B) fluid friction damping

(C) electromagnetic damping

(D) air friction damping

Ans: D

air friction damping

Question: 2

In electrodynamometer type wattmeters, current coils designed for carrying heavy currents use standard wire or laminated conductors

(A) to reduce hysteresis losses

(B) to reduce eddy current loss in conductors

(C) to reduce iron losses

(D) all of the above

Ans: B

to reduce eddy current loss in conductors

Question: 3

Which of the quantity consists of unit as pascal?

(A) temperature

(B) impulse

(C) force

(D) pressure

Ans: D


Question: 4

Error due to hysteresis is predominant in

(A) moving iron instruments

(B) moving coil instruments

(C) electrodynamometer type instruments

(D) hot wire instruments

Ans: A

moving iron instruments

Question: 5

The value of resistance of an earthing electrode depends upon

(A) depth to which electrode is driven into earth

(B) specific resistance of soil

(C) shape and material of electrode

(D) all of the above

Ans: D

all of the above

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