Instruments and Measurements MCQ Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The resistance in the circuit of the moving coil of a dynamometer watt meter should be

(A) low

(B) high

(C) almost zero

(D) none of the above

Ans: B


Question: 2

In a low power factor wattmeter the compensating coil is connected

(A) in parallel with pressure coil

(B) in series with pressure coil

(C) in parallel with current coil

(D) in series with current coil

Ans: B

in series with pressure coil

Question: 3

In an Anderson bridge, the unknown inductance is measured in terms of

(A) known inductance

(B) known resistance

(C) known capacitance and resistance

(D) known inductance and resistance

Ans: C

known capacitance and resistance

Question: 4

Commonly used standard capacitor is

(A) multilayer parallel plate type

(B) electrostatic type

(C) concentric cylindrical type

(D) spherical type

Ans: C

concentric cylindrical type

Question: 5

Damping of the Ballistic galvanometer is made small to

(A) get minimum overshoot

(B) make the system critically damped

(C) make the system oscillatory

(D) get first deflection large

Ans: D

get first deflection large

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