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Question: 1

The principle of conservation of energy cannot be applied in case of

(A) ideal flow of water in a pipe

(B) flow of heat through a metal

(C) simple pendulum

(D) a particle moving in gravitational field

Ans: D

a particle moving in gravitational field

Question: 2

The centre of gravity of a plane lamina will not be at its geometrical centre if it is a

(A) rectangle

(B) right angled triangle

(C) circle

(D) square

Ans: B

right angled triangle

Question: 3

The main advantage of using worm gears is

(A) ease of manufacture

(B) minimum cost

(C) low power loss

(D) high velocity ratio

Ans: A

ease of manufacture

Question: 4

Which of the following is dimensionless?

(A) specific weight

(B) specific gravity

(C) specific volume

(D) specific speed

Ans: B

specific gravity

Question: 5

The length of seconds pendulum is

(A) 994 mm

(B) 995 mm

(C) 999 mm

(D) 1000 mm

Ans: A

994 mm

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