1000+ Mechanical Engineering Question Bank with Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Metal spinning

(A) is done on symmetrical articles

(B) is done at low speeds

(C) is done on unsymmetrical articles

(D) does not require dies

Ans: A

is done on symmetrical articles

Question: 2

The phenomenon of weld decay is found in

(A) stainless steel

(B) cast iron

(C) bronze

(D) brass

Ans: A

stainless steel

Question: 3

Nichrome are alloys of

(A) nickel, chromium and aluminium

(B) nickel, chromium and silver

(C) nickel, chromium and copper

(D) nickel, chromium

Ans: B

nickel, chromium and silver

Question: 4

Galena is the ore for

(A) copper

(B) aluminium

(C) lead

(D) zinc

Ans: C


Question: 5

A body which is permanently deformed is said to have undergone

(A) uniform deformation

(B) non uniform deformation

(C) limit of elastic deformation

(D) elastic deformation

Ans: A

uniform deformation

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