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Question: 1

The flow of non conducting medium cannot be measured by

(A) electromagnetic meter

(B) turbine meter

(C) rotameter

(D) orifice

Ans: A

electromagnetic meter

Question: 2

Auto collimator is used for measurement of

(A) flatness

(B) concavity

(C) linear surfaces

(D) small angular differences

Ans: D

small angular differences

Question: 3

Tellurometer works on the principle of

(A) high frequency radio waves

(B) propagation of modulated waves

(C) x-rays

(D) optics

Ans: A

high frequency radio waves

Question: 4

Which of the following flow measuring instrument is an area meter?

(A) hot wire anemometer

(B) pitot tube

(C) rotameter

(D) venturimeter

Ans: A

hot wire anemometer

Question: 5

Under force current analogy, velocity is considered analogous to

(A) magnetic flux

(B) resistance

(C) inductance

(D) voltage

Ans: D


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