1000+ GATE Previous Year Papers with Solutions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Welding process in which two pieces to be jointed are overlapped and placed between two electrodes is known as

(A) butt welding

(B) spot welding

(C) percussion welding

(D) projection welding

Ans: B

spot welding

Question: 2

Cross wire welding is

(A) used where additional strength is desired

(B) used to form mesh

(C) multi-spot welding process

(D) continuous spot welding process

Ans: B

used to form mesh

Question: 3

In MIG welding, the metal is transferred in the form of

(A) very fine metal

(B) weld pool

(C) a fine spray of metal

(D) molten drops

Ans: C

a fine spray of metal

Question: 4

Distortion in welding occurs due to

(A) improper composition of parent material

(B) oxidation of weld pool

(C) use of wrong electrodes

(D) improper clamping methods

Ans: D

improper clamping methods

Question: 5

Brazing is the process of

(A) joining protruded sections by melting

(B) making steel look like brass

(C) joining plastic sheets

(D) hard soldering using brass spelter

Ans: D

hard soldering using brass spelter

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