1000+ Thermodynamics Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

A law which is applicable only to ideal vapours and liquids, that equates the equilibrium partial pressures of a solution component in the coexisting phases, is known as

(A) Maxwell's equation

(B) Joule’s law

(C) Roult’s law

(D) Henry’s law

Ans: C

Roult’s law

Question: 2

The statement that molecular weight of all gases occupy the same volume at NTP is known as

(A) Avogadro’s hypothesis

(B) First law of thermodynamics

(C) Joule’s law

(D) Dalton’s law

Ans: A

Avogadro’s hypothesis

Question: 3

For any irreversible process, the net entropy change is

(A) infinite

(B) zero

(C) positive

(D) negative

Ans: C


Question: 4

A perfect black body is

(A) one which absorbs all radiant energy at all wavelength

(B) one which does not reflect the radiant energy

(C) one which absorbs total radiant energy

(D) black in colour

Ans: A

one which absorbs all radiant energy at all wavelength

Question: 5

In a thermal power plant, thermodynamic cycle used is

(A) rankine

(B) brayton

(C) joule

(D) erricson

Ans: A


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