1000+ Automobile Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Speedometer drive is usually taken from

(A) front wheel

(B) dynamo

(C) flywheel

(D) fan belt

Ans: A

front wheel

Question: 2

Gum content of petroleum fuels is mainly due to

(A) oxidation of unsaturated hydrocarbons

(B) concentration of sulphides and disulphides

(C) evaporation loss of lighter fractions

(D) all of the above

Ans: A

oxidation of unsaturated hydrocarbons

Question: 3

Which of the following vehicle does not have battery?

(A) Ambassador car

(B) Bajaj scooter

(C) Maruti car

(D) Tata truck

Ans: B

Bajaj scooter

Question: 4

For lubrication of which part of an automobile only grease is used

(A) axle drive

(B) tie rod

(C) steering system

(D) transmission

Ans: B

tie rod

Question: 5

Exhaust gas leakage into the cooling system is most likely be due to defective

(A) manifold gasket

(B) radiator

(C) water pump

(D) cylinder head gasket

Ans: D

cylinder head gasket

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