1000+ Building Materials and Construction Multiple Choice Questions - 1

Question: 1

Which one of the following is wrong about ventilators?

(A) it is by providing vertically pivoted shutter

(B) it is by providing horizontally pivoted shutter

(C) opening may be with cement mortar jail work

(D) opening left may be of brick jail work

Ans: A

it is by providing vertically pivoted shutter

Question: 2

The best arrangement for decentring of an arch is

(A) using sand box method

(B) using wood centring

(C) providing wedges between centrings and staging

(D) using steel centring

Ans: A

using sand box method

Question: 3

Wooden planks used to fix the ends of common rafters projecting beyond sloping top f a gable wall are known as

(A) eve boards

(B) ridge piece

(C) battens

(D) barge board

Ans: D

barge board

Question: 4

Cantilever scaffolding is used when

(A) the space at ground level is required to be free of obstruction

(B) in any of the above situations

(C) the construction is in upper parts of multistory building

(D) the ground is too weak to receive standards

Ans: B

in any of the above situations

Question: 5

The maximum bearing capacity of soil is that of

(A) dry coarse sandy soil

(B) hard rocks

(C) soft clay soil

(D) black cotton soil

Ans: B

hard rocks

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