1000+ Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The main object of a preliminary survey

(A) to estimate cost of alternative alignment

(B) to finalise the best alignment

(C) to collect the necessary physical information and details of topography, drainage and soil properties

(D) all the above

Ans: D

all the above

Question: 2

The order in which a road is built is

(A) sub-soil, sub-grade, sub-base, base

(B) sub-base, base, sub-grade, sub-soil

(C) sub-soil, base, sub-grade, sub-base

(D) base, sub-soil, sub-grade, sub-soil

Ans: A

sub-soil, sub-grade, sub-base, base

Question: 3

Recommended right of way for highways in open areas is

(A) 30 m

(B) 40 m

(C) 45 m

(D) 60 m

Ans: C

45 m

Question: 4

Transition curves are required to

(A) improve aesthetic appearance of the road

(B) enable driver to turns steering gradually

(C) enable gradual introduction of superelevation

(D) all the above

Ans: D

all the above

Question: 5

IRC recommends spacing between two consecutive expansion joints should not be more than

(A) 90 m

(B) 110 m

(C) 120 m

(D) 140 m

Ans: D

140 m

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