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Question: 1

Laser welding finds widest application in

(A) electronic industry

(B) process industry

(C) structural work

(D) heavy industry

Ans: A

electronic industry

Question: 2

Acetylene gas is generated from

(A) calcium carbide

(B) calcium chloride

(C) calcium carbonate

(D) calcium

Ans: A

calcium carbide

Question: 3

The mould for casting ferrous materials in continuous casting process is made of

(A) low carbon steel

(B) copper

(C) medium carbon steel

(D) high carbon steel

Ans: B


Question: 4

Which is incorrect statement about results of hot working?

(A) porosity in the metal is largely eliminated

(B) grain refinement is possible

(C) annealing operation is not necessary

(D) surface finish is good

Ans; D

surface finish is good

Question: 5

The spindle speeds of machine tools are usually designed to follow

(A) random number theory

(B) logarithmic progression

(C) arithmetical progression

(D) geometrical progression

Ans: D

geometrical progression

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