1000+ Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Question Paper Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The potential energy stored up in a deformed body is known as

(A) deformation energy

(B) resilience

(C) potential energy

(D) strain energy

Ans: B


Question: 2

A material which undergoes no deformations till its yield point is reached and then it flows at a constant stress is known as

(A) rigid elastic

(B) rigid plastic

(C) plasto-electric

(D) elasto-plastic

Ans: B

rigid plastic

Question: 3

Strain is

(A) change in length per unit original length

(B) result of load application on a body

(C) change in metal and direction in metal

(D) change in metal

Ans: A

change in length per unit original length

Question: 4

The point of contraflexure occurs in

(A) overhanging beams only

(B) continuous beam only

(C) cantilever beams only

(D) simply supported beams only

Ans: A

overhanging beams only

Question: 5

The phenomenon under which the strain of a material varies under constant stress is known as

(A) buchinger's effect

(B) creep

(C) hysteresis

(D) strain hardening

Ans: B


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