1000+ Heat Transfer Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Maximum heat transfer rate is achieved in _____ flow.

(A) laminar

(B) turbulent

(C) counter-current

(D) co-current

Ans: B


Question: 2

Heat exchanger tubes are never made of

(A) copper

(B) lead

(C) stainless steel

(D) plain carbon steel

Ans: B


Question: 3

The ratio of thermal boundary layer thickness to the concentration boundary layer. Thickness is proportional to

(A) Pr

(B) Sh

(C) Nu

(D) Le

Ans: D


Question: 4

Out of the following, the best conductor of heat is

(A) sodium

(B) lead

(C) mercury

(D) zinc

Ans: A


Question: 5

In pipe flow, heat is transferred from hot wall to the liquid by

(A) free and forced convection

(B) forced convection and conduction

(C) forced convection only

(D) conduction only

Ans: B

forced convection and conduction

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