1000+ Petroleum Engineering Offshore Drilling and Production Questions - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following is not common design criteria used for selecting a proper marine rig

(A) deck load capacity

(B) derrick and substructure capacity

(C) water depth rating

(D) manufacturer name

Ans: D

manufacturer name

Question: 2

FPSO system is preferred for

(A) large onshore field

(B) small onshore field

(C) large offshore field

(D) small offshore field

Ans: D

small offshore field

Question: 3

What is the major limitation of Steel Catenary Riser?

(A) sensitive to vessel motion

(B) sensitive to waves and current loads

(C) both a and b

(D) none of the above

Ans: C

both a and b

Question: 4

Which of the following is the purpose of stern line?

(A) prevent forward movement

(B) prevent from moving back

(C) keep closer to pier

(D) prevent backward movement

Ans: A

prevent forward movement

Question: 5

Heavy causes major stability problems for

(A) semi submersibles

(B) jack up rig

(C) compliant towers

(D) none of the above

Ans: A

semi submersibles

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