1000+ Petroleum Production Operations MCQ Questions - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following method is used for the treatment of emulsion in crude oil?

(A) application of electricity

(B) application of heat

(C) application of chemicals

(D) all of the above

Ans; D

all of the above

Question: 2

Which of the following evaporative emission is associated with motor vehicle tanks?

(A) ballasting loss

(B) breathing loss

(C) working and standing storage loss

(D) refueling loss

Ans: D

refueling loss

Question: 3

In what units is a metric tape graduated?

(A) percentages

(B) hundredths of a foot

(C) milliliters

(D) millimeters

Ans: D


Question: 4

The floating roof tank is used for

(A) kerosene

(B) gasoline

(C) lubricating oil

(D) all of the above

Ans: B


Question: 5

LNG storage tanks have

(A) single container

(B) double container

(C) triple container

(D) none of the above

Ans: B

double container

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