1000+ Power Electronics MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

BCT is used for

(A) Low power phase control

(B) low power current control

(C) high power current control

(D) high power phase control

Ans: D

high power phase control

Question: 2

Thyristor is a semiconductor switch which is

(A) bistable and astable

(B) unilateral and astable

(C) bilateral and bistable

(D) unilateral and bistable

Ans: D

unilateral and bistable

Question: 3

SCRs are used in series to meet

(A) high voltage demand

(B) low current demand

(C) low voltage demand

(D) high current demand

Ans: A

high voltage demand

Question: 4

Resonant converters are basically used to

(A) convert a square wave into a sine wave

(B) generate large peaky voltage

(C) eliminates harmonics

(D) reduce the switching losses

Ans: D

reduce the switching losses

Question: 5

The input frequency of a cycloconverter is more than the output frequency because

(A) the number of switching device is large compared to that in a cascade converter pair

(B) the cycloconverter employs natural commutation is the SCRs and more number of supply voltage cycles are needed to form one cycle of the output voltage

(C) the cycloconverter is normally used for high voltage and high current applications

(D) there is no intermediate dc link

Ans: D

there is no intermediate dc link

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