1000+ Theory of Machines MCQ Questions with Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Kinetic friction is

(A) is always more than peak static friction

(B) less than maximum static friction

(C) that occurs on dry surfaces only

(D) that which occurs when there is no motion

Ans: B

less than maximum static friction

Question: 2

A vibrometer

(A) only indicates second and above harmonics

(B) indicates nature of vibrations

(C) indicates vibration frequency

(D) indicates vibration amplitude

Ans: D

indicates vibration amplitude

Question: 3

Which of the following is not a function of flywheel?

(A) store and release energy during work cycle

(B) reduce engine speed

(C) reduce amplitude of speed fluctuations

(D) reduce power capacity of the electric motor

Ans: B

reduce engine speed

Question: 4

In case of belt drives, the effect of centrifugal tension is

(A) dependent on other factors

(B) not appreciable on driving power

(C) to increase the driving power

(D) to reduce the driving power

Ans: D

to reduce the driving power

Question: 5

Idler pulley is used for

(A) for running during idling periods only

(B) for stopping motion frequently

(C) changing direction of rotation

(D) maintaining belt tension

Ans: D

maintaining belt tension

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