1000+ Tunnelling Civil Engineering Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which one of the following methods of tunneling is used for long tunnels at great depths?

(A) austrain method

(B) army method

(C) english method

(D) needle beam method

Ans: A

Austrain method

Question: 2

The correct sequence of drilling equipment for increasing size of holes in tunnels is

(A) churn drill, wagon drill, shot drill

(B) shot drill, churn drill, wagon drill

(C) wagon drill, shot frill, churn drill

(D) wagon drill, churn drill, shot drill

Ans: D

wagon drill, churn drill, shot drill

Question: 3

Pack grouting with concrete is required between

(A) steel lining and concrete lining

(B) rock and concrete lining

(C) both a and b

(D) none of the above

Ans: C

both a and b

Question: 4

The length of the first tunnel built in the world of Babylon in the year 2000 BC was

(A) 300 m

(B) 500 m

(C) 700 m

(D) 900 m

Ans: D

900 m

Question: 5

In tunnel, unless special provision is made for proper drainage, the gradient should not be more than

(A) 2%

(B) 5%

(C) 7%

(D) 10%

Ans: B


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