Idioms and Phrases Objective Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

While I have a bath, you may chew the cud.

(A) Kill time

(B) Go through legalities

(C) Reflect upon one’s past

(D) Have breakfast

Ans: C

Reflect upon one’s past

Question: 2

In the beginning of his career, he was practically rolling in money.

(A) saved lot of money

(B) very rich

(C) wasting a lot of money

(D) spending more than his earnings

Ans: B

very rich

Question: 3

He never wanted to keep her under his thumb and so he let her do what she liked.

(A) in his presence all the time

(B) unduly under control

(C) below his thumb

(D) restricted

Ans: B

unduly under control

Question: 4

Those were only crocodile tears.

(A) very gloomy

(B) mild regret

(C) pretended sadness

(D) a weeping sign

Ans: C

pretended sadness

Question: 5

One should not stay idle at home; but be up and doing.

(A) reading

(B) working

(C) sleeping

(D) active

Ans: D


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