1000+ Verbal Ability Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

Sankar looked very happy and _____ when he heard that his proposed scheme was _____ by the committee.

(A) disconsolate, approved

(B) overwhelming, received

(C) energetic, rejected

(D) elated, accepted

Ans: D

elated, accepted

Question: 2

Though he is reputed for his technical _____, his books were sadly _____ of the work of others as he lacked originality.

(A) dependence, indicative

(B) expertise, derivative

(C) knowledge, ignorant

(D) advice, unconscious

Ans: B

expertise, derivative

Question: 3

He granted the request because he was _____ to _____ his friend.

(A) unwilling, please

(B) reluctant, disappoint

(C) sure, displease

(D) destined, agonise

Ans: B

reluctant, disappoint

Question: 4

We are _____ to have him _____ here to make this function a great success.

(A) wonderful, again

(B) pleased, over

(C) happy, arrive

(D) proud, leave

Ans: B

pleased, over

Question: 5

He had managed to _____ several times, but was finally _____ by the police.

(A) abscond, kidnapped

(B) escape, arrested

(C) defend, acquitted

(D) deceive, cheated

Ans: B

escape, arrested

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