Ancient Indian History Gk Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Name the Mahajanapada, which was a confederacy of eight republican clans?

(A) Magadha

(B) Malla

(C) Vatsa

(D) Vajji

Ans: D


Question: 2

Robert Bruce Foote, was discovered first Palaeolithic tool in India, was originally a

(A) Archaelogist

(B) Historian

(C) Geologist

(D) Palaeobotanist 

Ans: C


Question: 3

Which of the following is called The Bible of Tamil?

(A) Manimekalai

(B) Tolkappiyam

(C) Silappadikaram

(D) Kural

Ans: D


Question: 4

The third Tamil Sangam was held at

(A) Kanjeevaram

(B) Mahabalipuram

(C) Madurai

(D) Tanjore

Ans: C


Question: 5

The credit of the discovery of the first Palaeolithic in India which opened the field of prehistoric studies in the country goes to

(A) De Terra and Paterson

(B) Robert Bruce Foote

(C) H D Sankalia

(D) Burkitt

Ans: B

Robert Bruce Foote

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