Zoology Question Bank - 1

Disease Affected organ Name of Bacteria Symptoms
Tetanus Nervous system Clostridium Tetani High fever, spasm in body, Closing of jaws etc.
Cholera Intestine Vibrio cholerae Continuous stool and vomiting.
Typhoid Intestine Salmonella typhosa High fever, headache.
Tuberculosis Lungs Mycobacterium diphtheriae Repeated coughing.
Diphtheria Respiratory tube Corynebacterium diphtheriae Difficulty in respiration and suffocation.
Plague Lungs, area between two legs Pasteurella pesties Very high fever, muscular eruptions on the body.
Whooping cough Respiratory system Hemophilis pertusis Continuous coughing.
Pneumonia Lungs Diplococcus pneumoniae High fever, swelling in lungs.
Leprosy Nervous system skin Mycobacterium leprae Spots on body, nerves affected.
Gonorrhea Urinary path Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Swelling in urinary path.
Syphilis Urinary path Treponema pallidum Wounds in urinogenial tract.

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