Chemistry Carbon and its Compounds Questions & Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is formalin?

An aqueous solution of 40% formaldehyde is known as formalin. It is used as a biological preservative.

Question: 2

What is power alcohol?

Power alcohol is mixture of 25% absolute alcohol and 75% of petrol. It is used as a substitute for petrol in the case of motor cars.

Question: 3

What is saponification?

The alkaline hydrolysis of oils and fats forming soaps is commonly known as saponfication.

Question: 4

Mention the uses of acetone?

It is used in the preparation of chloroform, iodoform, etc.

It is used as solvent in paints.

It is used in the synthesis of rubber.

It is used in the manufacture of artificial leather.

Question: 5

What is methylated spirit?

Ethanol mixed with small amount of methanol and water is known as methylated spirit. It is used as a fuel in spirit lamp.

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