100+ Chemistry Chemical Bonding Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is ionic bond?

The bond formed between electropositive elements and electronegative elements is called ionic bond or electrovalent bond or polar bond.

Question: 2

Define octet rule?

The tendency of elements to achieve noble gas configuration (8 electrons in the valence shell) is called octet rule.

Question: 3

What is meant by isomerism?

Isomerism is a phenomenon by which a single molecular formula can represent two or more compounds.

Question: 4

Define electron affinity?

The energy released when an electron is added to neutral gaseous atom, is known as electron affinity.

Question: 5

What is a covalent bond?

The bond formed by mutual sharing of electron pairs between the atoms of the same or different elements to acquire noble gas configuration is called as covalent bond.

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