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Question: 1

What is salts?

Salt is a substance formed by the neutralisation of an acid by base.

Example - Sodium chloride

Question: 2

How are salts classified?

Salts are classified as follows

Normal salts (simple salts)

Example - Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride

Acidic salts

Example - Sodium bisulphate, Potassium bisulphate, Sodium bicarbonate

Basic salts

Example - Basic magnesium chloride, basic lead chloride

Double salt

Sodium potassium carbonate, bleaching powder

Complex salts

Potassium ferro cyanide, sodium zinc cyanide

Question: 3

What are bases?

Bases are soapy or greasy to touch. They are highly corrosive in nature. They burn the sin when the body contacts with alkalis.

Question: 4

What are acids?

Acids are compounds found naturally in plants or derived from minerals which have sour taste.

Question: 5

Write a note on hydrated salts?

The salts which contain certain fixed number of water molecules, attached loosely to each molecule of the salt are called hydrated salts.

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