100+ Science Carbon and Its Compounds Quiz Online Test - 1

Question: 1

What is dry ice?

When carbon dioxide is cooled below -78°C, it directly changes into a white ice like solid. It is called dry ice. It does not melt but directly changes into gaseous CO2. Dry ice is used as refrigerant.

Question: 2

What is catention?

Atoms of carbon can join with one another to form chains and rings of different sizes.

This property of carbon is called catention.

This unique ability of carbon makes it possible to have millions of compounds of carbon.

Question: 3

Mention the uses of methane?

Combustion of methane gives a large amount of heat.

Hence, methane is used as fuel.

It is used for making carbon black.

Methane is used to prepare a number of organic compound like formaldehyde, methyl alcohol and chloroform.

Natural gas is also used a fuel in automobiles.

Methane, as a part of biogas is used as a domestic fuel.

Question: 4

State the composition of atmospheric air?

Atmospheric air contains Nitrogen – 78%, Oxygen - 21%, Carbon dioxide - 0.03%, Inert gases 0.05% and variable percentages of water vapour.

Question: 5

What is allotropy?

An element can exist in more than one form in the same physical state. This property of elements is called allotropy and the different forms of same element are called allotropes. Allotropes have different physical properties but same chemical properties.

Allotropes of carbon crystalline forms : Graphite, Diamond

Amorphous forms Coal, Charcoal, Lampblack

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