Indian Constitution Child Rights & Human Rights Quiz - 1

Question: 1

Write short note on child labour?

Children under the age of 14 should not be employed in any factory.

Millions of children in the developing nations work in mines, match factories, automobile workshops, brick industries, knit wear companies hotels and fire works.

The specialised agencies of UNO namely WHO, ILO and UNICEF work for the betterment of human rights and child rights.

Question: 2

Write about human rights?

Human rights are evolved from the theory of natural rights.

These natural rights are derived from the natural laws.

Human rights promote human dignity.

A right is something that every human being is entitle.

Question: 3

Write about the UNO Human Rights Commission?

The UNO Human Commission was set up as per the UN Charter of 1945.

This commission prepared as International Bill of Rights which is followed by every member nation.

Question: 4

Mention the services of UNO and National Rights Commission?

UNO and National Human Rights Commission and other national and International bodies along with non-Government agencies have been working for the promotion of Human rights.

Millions of people and children all over the world are enjoying Human rights.

UNO and other non-Government organisation (NGO's) are taking adequate care about the rights of the affected children all over the world.

Question: 5

Describe the conditions of child labour?

Child labour is a worldwide phenomenon.

Children are employed as child labourors.

Poverty, illiteracy, frustrations and compulsions are the factors that make one as a child labour.

About 17 crores of child labourers are there all over the world.

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