100+ Crops and Food Security in India Questions Answers - 1

Question: 1

Name the areas where tea is cultivated in Peninsular India?

Wynad and Kannan Devan areas in Kerala. Nilgiris and Anaimalai in Tamil Nadu are the areas where tea is cultivated.

Question: 2

Write a short note on the government’s food-for-work scheme?

The government is running food-for-work scheme to give purchasing power to the poor who get paid for their labour in cash and foodgrains.

The scheme is, however, not successful, since the Central Government is required to meet only the foodgrain component and the cash strapped States are expected to meet the cash component. In many states the scheme has even failed to take off.

Question: 3

Write a short note on crop insurance scheme?

The Government has introduced crop insurance scheme to farmers.

By this scheme the government meets a majority part of the insurance premium to protect farmers against natural calamities.

To start with, all restrictions on food grains regarding inter-state movement, stocking, exports and institutional credit and trade financing should be renounced.

Question: 4

Why Punjab is known as the Wheat granary?

Punjab is the wheat granary of India. Here wheat is grown in two seasons. Winter wheat and spring wheat.

The spring wheat is cultivated in winter and harvested in the early autumn before the frost.

It is a four month crop.

The winter wheat is sown at the end of Autumn or in the beginning of winter and is harvested in summer. It is a six month crop. All the required conditions are available in Punjab. Hence wheat is produced in very large quantities. This is the reason why Punjab is known as the Wheat granary.

Question: 5

Name the oil seeds and pulses grown in India?

Groundnut, gingelly, mustard, castor and soapnut are the oil seeds grown in India. Redgram, black gram and green gram are the pulses grown in India.

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