Panchayati Raj Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Three-tier system of Panchayati Raj consists of

(A) Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, Zila Parishad

(B) Gram Panchayat, Zila Parishad, Block Samiti

(C) Gram Panchayat, Block Samiti, Zila Parishad

(D) Gram Panchayat, panchayat Samiti, Block Samiti

Ans: B

Gram Panchayat, Zila Parishad, Block Samiti

Question: 2

Which one of the following is not a panchayati Raj institution?

(A) Gram sabha

(B) Gram Panchayat

(C) Gram Co-operative Society

(D) Nyaya Panchayat

Ans: C

Gram Co-operative Society

Question: 3

A committee appointed in 1977 to review working of the panchayti Raj was chaired by

(A) Jagjivan Ram

(B) K.N. Katju

(C) Balwant Raj Mehta

(D) Ashok Mehta

Ans: D

Ashok Mehta

Question: 4

Mid-day meal scheme was launched in 1995 to promote

(A) Universalization of Primary education

(B) Secondary education

(C) Adult Literacy

(D) None of these

Ans: A

Universalization of Primary education

Question: 5

Mid–day meal is a scheme to provide nutritious food to

(A) Daily wage employees/labours

(B) Girls who are residing in girls/youth hostels

(C) School – going children

(D) Those taking treatment in Hospital

Ans: C

School – going children

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