100+ Geography Natural Regions of the World Questions Answers - 1

Question: 1

Write a note on coniferous forests?

(i). Taiga, polar forests and northern evergreen forests are some of the names for these forests.

(ii). These are found in the Northern hemisphere and in such countries as Canada, Scandinavian countries and Russia. In winter, the temperature is much below freezing; but in some it will rise to a mild, pleasant level.

A variety of insects are found here. Birds and mammals are rather rare. Pine and spruce are the green trees. They do not shed their leaves.

Question: 2

What are the six vegatational regions of the world?

The world has been divided into six vegetational regions. They are

(i) deserts,

(ii). coniferous forests,

(iii). Temperate forests

(iv). Tropical forests,

(v) grasslands,

(vi) tundra and polar areas.

Question: 3

What is meant by region?

The term region has been coined to, briefly and effectively, explain the changing characteristics of an area. Region is also one among the strong ideas of geography.

Question: 4

Write a note on polar regions?

Polar regions are beyond the Arctic circle and the Antartic circle. The sub soil here is frozen throughout the year. The surface are also covered with ice throughout the year.

Question: 5

Name the regions classified on the basis of hot or cold?

The regions classified on the basis of hot or cold are

(i). the tropical region and

(ii). the polar region.

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