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Question: 1

What are clouds?

A cloud is a mass of minute droplets of water of tiny crystals of ice formed by the condensation of water vapour in free air at considerable elevations. These minute water particles and ice crystals stick to dust particles that are present in the atmosphere. They join together to form clouds. There are 4 categories of clouds according to the altitudes where they are formed.

They are

(i). Low altitude clouds

(ii). Middle altitude clouds

(iii). High altitude clouds and

(iv). Vertical clouds.

Question: 2

What is specific humidity?

The weight of water vapour per unit weight of air, or the proportion of the mass of water vapour to the total mass of air is called specific humidity.

Question: 3

What is dew point?

The temperature at which the air column, becomes saturated, is called dew point.

Question: 4

What is evaporation?

The process by which water gets transformed into the gaseous state is called evaporation.

Question: 5

Give some names of clouds?

Clouds are named as cirrus, stratus, cumulu, nimbus and so on, according to their shape, size and colour.

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