100+ Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

Give the importance of the soil?

The plants are able to grow, extending their roots downwards only because of the presence of soil.

They absorb water and required minerals from the soil.

So the plants grow only because of the presence of soil.

It is clear that soil is responsible for the existence of plants, animals and mankind.

It is soil that makes the earth a biosphere.

Question: 2

What is known as soil erosion?

The process of removal of soil from one place is known as soil erosion.

Question: 3

What is soil?

Soil is made up of minute particles of disintegrated rocks, containing minerals, decomposed organic matter and bacteria.

Question: 4

What are the harms of soil erosion?

Due to erosion the fertility of soil decreases.

The yield decreases and the production also decreases.

The output of food grain, oil seeds etc diminishes.

The diminishing returns affect the standard.

Question: 5

How is soil formed from the rocks?

When the big rocks are broken, stones are formed.

When the stones are broken, jally is formed.

When the jally is crushed, soil is formed.

In the same way soil is formed by disintegration of rocks when they are subjected to natural resources.

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