100+ Geography The Sun, Earth, Solar System Quiz Questions - 1

Question: 1

What is comet?

Comet is a feature with a coma and a long tail made up of dust particles.

Question: 2

What are called meteorites?

Portions of meteors that are not burnt while passing through the earth's atmosphere dash against the surface of the earth and produce large depressions. Such rock fragments are called meteorites.

Question: 3

Write a short note on Meteors?

Colliding with one another the asteroids come within the earth's gravitational force.

Due to gravitational force the asteroids are pulled towards the earth.

When they pass through the earth's atmosphere at a high speed, they get burnt due to friction.

Such a burning asteroid is names as Meteor or Shooting star.

Question: 4

What is named as shooting star?

A rock fragment that enters into the earth's atmosphere and burns is named as the shooting star.

Question: 5

Name the two planets between which asteroids are found?

Asteroids are found between Mars and Jupiter.

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