100+ Geography Transport and Communication Services Questions - 1

Question: 1

Write a short note on air transport?

Air travel helps to cross long distances in short while.

The world has greatly shrunk because of air travel.

Air transport was introduced in India in the year 1930.

Now Air India and Indian Air lines are the two government run air lines in the country.

While Air India is an International airline and Indian Airlines is the domestic air line, there are now private sector airlines operating routes with in the country.

Question: 2

What are the means of transport in India?

There are four means of transport in India. They are



Waterways and


Question: 3

Name the International Airports of India?

Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram are the International Airports.

Question: 4

Tabulate India's Regional Railway Divisions?


Central ⇒ Mumbai Victoria

Eastern ⇒ kolkatta

Northern ⇒ New Delhi

Northeast ⇒ Gorakhpur

North eastern border ⇒ Malegaon

Southern ⇒ Chennai

South Central ⇒ Secundarabad

South eastern ⇒ Kolkatta

Western ⇒ Mumbai-Church Gate

Question: 5

Write notes on Satabdi Super Fast train?

The cities of India have been connected with superfast trains. Superfast trains travel faster than the express trains. In these trains, facilities such as refreshments, food, newspapers and others are provided for passengers. In Tamil Nadu there are superfast trains between Chennai and Coimbatore, Chennai and Mysore and Chennai and New Delhi. They are generally called Sataabdi Superfast trains.

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