100+ World Geography Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What are the eight types of natural vegetation?

Natural vegetation of the earth can be divided into eight types.

They are

(i). Evergreen forests

(ii). Deciduous forests

(iii). Tropical forests

(iv). Desert vegetation

(v). Temperate grasslands

(vi). Broad leaved forest

(vii) Coniferous forests and

(viii) Tundra vegetation.

Question: 2

What is called temperate grassland?

Grass land found in the temperate region is called as temperate grassland.

Question: 3

Where are desert plants formed?

Desert plants are found in trophical and temperate regions where there is very little or no rainfall for the growth of trees; plants and grass.

Question: 4

What is meant by natural vegetation?

The plants that grow in a place without the interference of man is known as natural vegetation.

Question: 5

Why should we conserve natural vegetation?

Natural vegetation supports like life, enriches environment and provides natural resources to mankind. Hence we should conserve natural vegetation.

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