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Question: 1

What are periodic winds?

Winds that blow for a limited period of the day of year are called periodic winds or seasonal winds. Monsoon land and sea breezes are the best examples of periodic winds.

Question: 2

Name the countries that experience monsoon winds?

India, South East Asia, and northern parts of Australia experience monsoon winds. India experiences, the south west and north east monsoon.

Question: 3

Define wind?

Air blows from high pressure belt to low pressure belt. This horizontal movement of air is known as wind.

Question: 4

What is meant by planetary winds?

The winds we are now considering are known as the planetary winds. They are the permanent winds of the earth. They blow constantly throughout the year in a particular direction. They are named after the direction from which they blow.

The planetary winds are

(i). Easterlies or trade winds

(ii). The westerlies or anti trade winds and

(iii) Polar winds.

Question: 5

Write about the importance of winds?

Heat energy is transmitted from one place to another by winds. Thus, the temperature of cooler region is increased and the temperature of warmer regions is reduced to some extent. Wind power is useful for generating electricity, lifting water, grinding and other purposes. It is the wind that carries water vapour all over the earth and gives rainfall.

Wind is favourable for ships to sail. It is also necessary for air craft’s to fly.

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