100+ IAS Objective Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Define efficiency of a heat engine?

The efficiency of a heat engine is the ratio between work done by the heat to the amount of heat supplied.

The efficiency of an engine = Work done by heat / Amount of heat supplied.

Question: 2

Define temperature, heat?

Temperature is the measure of average heat or thermal energy of the particles in a substance. It does not depend on the number of particles or size and shape of the object.

Heat is the Internal energy of a substance. By adding or removing heat the temperature of the substance can be increased or decreased.

Question: 3

What is the efficiency of a diesel engine?

The efficiency of a diesel engine = 40%.

Question: 4

What is absolute zero?

The point at which speed of molecules is zero is known as absolute zero.

Question: 5

What are the differences between petrol engine and diesel engine?

Petrol engine

1. Petrol + air is used as fuel.

2. Spark plug and carburetter are used.

3. The fuel air mixture is compressed to 1/8 of its volume.

Diesel Engine

1. Diesel + air is used as fue.

2. No spark plug but carburetter is used.

3. The fuel air mixture is compressed to 1/16 of the

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