Zoology MCQS | Mock Test for NEET, TNPSC, MSC - 1

Question: 1

Contaminated water can cause the following diseases except which one of the following?

(A) Measles

(B) Cholera

(C) Typhoid

(D) Hepatitis A

Ans: A


Question: 2

Which one of the following statements is correct? The enzyme present in the saliva of human beings breaks

(A) Peptides into amino acids

(B) Fats into fatty acids

(C) Proteins into peptides

(D) Starch into maltose

Ans: C

Proteins into peptides

Question: 3

Who of the following invented the cotton gin that separates the seeds from cotton three hundred times faster than by hand?

(A) James Watt

(B) Mc Adam

(C) George Stephenson

(D) Eli Whitney

Ans: A

James Watt

Question: 4

In plants, which one of the following tissues is dead?

(A) Phloem

(B) Sclerenchyma

(C) Collenchymas

(D) Parenchyma

Ans: B


Question: 5

Which one of the following is the permissible level of noise in a silent zone at daytime?

(A) 50 dB

(B) 60 dB

(C) 70 dB

(D) 75 dB

Ans: D

75 dB

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