Biology Questions and Answers for High Schools Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Write the uses of pearl shells?

The pearl shells are used as one of the ingredients for poultry feed, mosaic flooring chips, medical substance and for making buttons and other ornaments.

Question: 2

Define a clone?

A clone is a group of individuals or cells derived form a single parent individual or cell through asexual reproduction, so that the cells are exactly similar.

Question: 3

What is culture fishery?

Culture fishery is the growing of fish in pond that can be manipulated by man.

It is otherwise called as Pisciculture.

It involves fish seed sown, tended, nursed, reared and finally harvested when grown to table size.

Question: 4

What is silver revolution?

The increase in egg production is brought about in animal husbandry by a process called silver revolution.

Question: 5

What are the four fish culture categories?

There are four fish culture categories are

Pond fish culture

Culture in man-made reservoirs

Paddy cum fish culture

Brackish water fish culture

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