100+ Indian Rivers Quiz Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Name some south Indian rivers?






Vaigai and

Tamirabarani are south Indian rivers.

Question: 2

What are the boundaries of Tamilnadu?

Tamilnadu has the Bay of Bengal on the East, Indian ocean on the south, Kerala state on the west and Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh on the north as its boundaries.

Question: 3

Why India is called a sub continent?

Our India is in Asia. Of the world continents, Asia is the biggest.

The diversities that are seen in Asia in terms of landscapes, climate, natural vegetation, soil types and such natural phenomena ad the cultural phenomena are all found in India.

Hence India is considered is as a sub continent.

Question: 4

Name the neighbouring countries of India?

India has Pakistan and Afghanistan on the northwest, China on the north and Myanmar in the east.

Question: 5

Give one or two special features of India?

India is the second highly populated country in the world. Its population has already crossed the 1.0 billion mark.

There are non-resident Indian in 110 countries of the world.

As for science and technology, related human resources development India has occupied the third place in the world.

The location of India in Asia is also special.

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