100+ Interesting Biology Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are primary consumers and secondary consumers?

Primary consumers are herbivores. They eat the producers like plants and algae. Example deer, rabbit.

Secondary consumers are living beings which eat the herbivores. (example) fox, wolf.

Question: 2

What are the functions of blood?

It absorbs the digested food from the intestine and distributes it to all parts.

It collects the waste products from the cells and takes them to excretory organs.

It carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and collects carbon dioxide from the tissue to the lungs.

White blood cells play an important role in protecting the body from disease causing germs.

Question: 3

What are tertiary consumers?

Living beings which eat the secondary consumers are called tertiary consumers. Example Lion, Tiger.

Question: 4

Write a note on chlorella?

Chlorella is a simple non motile, unicellular green algae.

The cell is more or less spherical in shape.

They lack flagella, eyespot and contractile vacuoles.

They carry out all important activities of life.

Thus they lead an independent life.

Question: 5

Name the different types of organ systems?

In the body of man there are different organ systems namely

(1) digestive system

(2) Circulatory system

(3) Respiratory system

(4) Skeletal system

(5) Muscular system

(6) Excretory system

(7) Nervous system

(8) Reproductive system

(9) Endocrine system.

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