National Emblems, Symbols, Animal, Flower, Bird Quiz Questions - 1

Question: 1

Write about our National flag?

i. Our National Flag is rectangular in shape and has three colour strips, saffron, white, darkgreen in equal proportion.

ii. The ratio of width and length is 2.3.

iii. Its use and display are regulated by a code.

iv. The Chakra should preferably by screen printed on both sides of the flag or otherwise printed, stenciled or suitably embroided on both sides in all cases.

Question: 2

Name the poet who composed our National Anthem?

Our National Anthem was composed by the great national poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Question: 3

Write about our National flower?

i. Our National flower is the Lotus. It symbolizes unity.

ii. It has been given respect and importance in Indian literature.

Question: 4

Write about our National bird?

The peacock is our national bird. It's beautiful rich feathers indicate the natural beauty of our country.

Indian literature speak high of peacock.

Question: 5

What are called National emblems?

i. A nation is the part of a continent where people of different cultures live together. It is kept together by many ties.

ii. Every free nation has a certain emblem.

iii. They are called national emblems.

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