Basic Chemistry Current Affairs Quiz - 1

Question: 1

An equeous solution of Borax is

(A) Alkalene

(B) Acidic

(C) Corrosive

(D) Neutral

Ans: A


Question: 2

The molasses (sugar gravey) is an excellent example of

(A) Urea

(B) Power alcohol

(C) Glycerine

(D) Acetic acid

Ans: D

Acetic acid

Question: 3

The element nickel is a

(A) Complex element

(B) Non magnetic metal

(C) Magnetic metal

(D) Radioactive metal

Ans: C

Magnetic metal

Question: 4

Paper is manufactured by

(A) Wood, calcium, hydrogen sulphate and resin

(B) Wood and bleaching powder

(C) Wood, sodium and bleaching powder

(D) Wood and resin

Ans: A

Wood, calcium, hydrogen sulphate and resin

Question: 5

The water hydrolysis of oil by the alkalies is called

(A) Acetylisation

(B) Soapification

(C) Polymerization

(D) Esterification

Ans: B


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