Sports Online Test - 1

Question: 1

Victoria Azarenka is associated with which of the following games?

(A) Badminton

(B) Basket ball

(C) Tennis

(D) Athletics

Ans: C


Question: 2

The ‘Zulu’ is the nickname of which cricket player?

(A) Shane Warne

(B) Jacques Kallis

(C) Lance Klusener

(D) Brian Lara

Ans: C

Lance Klusener

Question: 3

What is the meaning of term ‘Ace’ in Tennis?

(A) a situation when the ball has landed up

(B) a state of score when either party must gain two consecutive points to win the game

(C) successful serve that the opponent fails to touch

(D) the serve has made a double fault

Ans: C

successful serve that the opponent fails to touch

Question: 4

Who is called the ‘Flying Sikh’?

(A) Ajmer Singh

(B) Makhan Singh

(C) Milkha Singh

(D) Shams her Singh

Ans: C

Milkha Singh

Question: 5

Who is the only cricketer to score two successive centuries in a World Cup?

(A) Rahul Dravid

(B) Sachin Tendulkar

(C) Virender Shewag

(D) Saurav Ganguly

Ans: A

Rahul Dravid

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